Sweet Beaver about 1970 - Photo Courtesy of Wayne Morice
Frank Allison, Wayne Morice, Ian Berry, Warren Clark, Alex Michie, BJ Cook and Jim McGillvarey
Sweet Beaver about 1970 - Photo Courtesy of Wayne Morice
Sweet Beaver
AKA: The New Breed
Vancouver, British Columbia
About 1967 - 1970


Frank Allison ~ Guitar
Ian Berry ~ Saxophone
B.J. Cook ~ Vocals, Percussion
Warren Clark ~ Trumpet
Carl Graves ~ Vocals
Jim McGillveray ~ Drums
Alex Michie ~ Saxophone
Wayne Morice ~ Bass

In Memory of

Ian Berry

Hi, this is BJ Cook...  Before there  was Skylark there was Sweet  Beaver.  That was also great band.

When I joined the group they were called The New Breed, but we decided to change the name because of a false report that Jerry Mathers  [The Beaver] had been killed in Vietnam.  We were all devastated and decided to change the name in his honor. Of course in a few days they  found out that it wasn't true but we liked the name and it seemed to be causing a little stir, so we kept it.

I also read that we recorded an album with the CBC which is true, but we recorded it under the name Sweet Beaver not the New Breed, at least I am pretty sure.

Carl Graves came on board after I gave notice to go with Ronnie Hawkins and that's when Foster and I hooked up, we became Hawks.  We stayed with Ronnie Hawkins for about a year and half, then came back and formed Skylark.

B.J. Cook, January 2006

Image courtesy of  RIck McGrath.

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Credits: B.J. Cook, Wayne Morice, Rick McGrath
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