Jim, Dean, Richard, Barry, Peter and Scott
The Syndicate
Mercer Island, Washington
1965 - 1966


Dean Cooper ~ Lead Guitar
Peter Ecob ~ Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Barry Hamilton ~ Drums
Jim Jenner ~ Bass, Lead Vocals
Richard Mann ~ Keyboards
Scott Strong ~ Trumpet

I was in The Syndicate for one year, the school year 1965 - 1966, my Junior Year at Mercer Island High School.  This was the most successful of the three bands I was in.

Peter Ecob, October 2009

When I published the above photo on Facebook somehow Jim Jenner found out and wrote to me.  I tried looking up the other members but was not successful.  Perhaps they will contact me later.

Peter Ecob, December 2010

Barry Hamilton is now living in Fargo ND, yup Fargo!

Kristin Hamilton, August 2014

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Last Update:  29 August 2014
Credits:  Stan Boutilier, Peter Ecob, Kristin Hamilton

Band # 1661