The Take Five in 1965
The Take Five
AKA: The Band-Aid Society (67-68)
Pullman, Washington
1965 - 1968


Wayne Erickson ~ Bass Guitar
Rod Freed ~ Organ (65-67)
Bruce Howard ~ Lead Guitar
Wally McAloney ~ Organ (67-68)
Brem Morrison ~ Drums (65-66)
Greg Newman ~ Drums (66-67)
Ron Peterson - Drums (67-68)
Bruce Wicklund ~ Vocals, Saxophone, Flute

Take Five in 1967 - Photo Courtesy of Wayne Erickson
TheTake Five in 1967

Take Five from Pullman, Washington was made up of college students attending Washington State University from 1965-1968.  They played for numerous dances in Pullman, Moscow, Lewiston, Spokane, and Couer d'alene.  They changed their name to the Band-Aid Society in 1967.

Wayne Erickson, May 2002

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Last Update:  10 April 2009
Credits: Wayne Erickson, Bruce Howard
Band # 844