Photo Courtesy of Jeff Miller
TAO Chemical Company
Tacoma, Washington
1967 - 1970



Jim Kessler ~ Guitar
Ray Michelson ~ Drums, Vocals
Randy Miller ~ Keyboards
Ernie Misner ~ Bass


Randy Miller ~ Keyboards
Ernie Misner ~ Bass
Mike Skansie ~ Guitar
Randy Viers ~ Drums

In Memory of

Mike Skansie

The Tao Chemical Co. began in 1967 as the house band for the Redondo Beach Tavern.  From there we became house bands at other places in Tacoma such as the Hi-Hat, Players Club, Johnny's Ranch, The Red Carriage, and Lou's place.

By far the most colorful place we ever played was at the Cabalaro Club in Seattle.  We learned much from the late R&B ace, Wayne Marshall, and went on to having the distinction of playing the first psychedelic or heavy music that was played in clubs in the Tacoma area.

We had a loyal following and would love to hear from them.  Contact Ernie Misner at or by calling him at 253-756--7205

The origional TAO Chemical Company ('67 - '68) consisted of Jim Kessler (guitar), Ray Miclelsen (drums), Randy Miller (keyboards), and Ernie Misner (bass)

From '69 - '70, the band consisted of Mike Skansie (guitar), Randy Viers (drums), Randy Miller (keyboards), and Ernie Misner (bass).

Ernie Misner, December 2001, February 2012

Ernie Misner
253 756 7205

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Credits: Jeff Miller, Ed Nadorozny, Randy Miller, Randy Viers, Tim Hill, Ernie Misner, Jim Kessler
Band # 628