Sweet Ginger - Photo courtesy of Scott Lindstrom
British Columbia
1976 -1980


Bob Batyi ~ Guitar
Peter Casola ~ Drums
Larry Church ~ Bass
Martin Eade ~ Drums
Guy Jones ~ Vocals
Harry Kalinski ~ Keyboards
Rod Knowlan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Andre Kunkel ~ Bass
Jay MacDonald ~ Keyboards
Trevor Newman ~ Bass
Arthur Scollon ~ Bass
David Westrheim ~ Keyboards

The above photo was taken in the mid seventies and the leader was Guy Jones.  He is the one reclining in the front. Guy later went on to form the Guy Jones Band and his highly successful revue A Tribute to Alice Cooper.

Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), February 2008

Guy Jones, Rod Knowlan, Peter Casola, David Westrheim and Arthur Scollon.
The photo was taken in July 1977.
Photo courtesy of Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project
Does anyone know what the band's home town?

Sammy Carlson, The Web Slave, February 2008, May 2013

The guy wearing the hat in the aboves photo is Andre Kunkel

Ross Friesen, March 2008

The guy with the glasses directly behind Andre Kunkel is "Bob Batyi" - Lead guitar player.  Both Bob and Andre are very good friends of mine.

Marilyn Smith, April 2008

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Last Update:  2 October 2009
Credits:  Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Ross Friesen, Marilyn Smith, Glenn Parfitt
Royal City Music Project, Rod Knowlan
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