Tacoma, Washington
2008 - Present


Don Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Montgomery ~ Bass, Vocals
Blaze Mann ~ Drums
Dave Nichols ~ Guitar, Vocals


Freddy Allen ~ Drums
Dylan England ~ Drums
Dan Fullerton ~ Drums
Bobby Hoffman ~ Drums, Vocals
Tom McCollum ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Tatoosh is a current classic rock band playing gigs in the Tacoma area.  The members of this band have all been playing the Northwest for approximately 40 years.

The members  are:

Don Anderson, played with Borderline, Missouri Freeze, The Freeze, Led Stetson and more from the late 60’s to date.

Gary Montgomery played with the Chaotic’s out of Sumner High School in the late 60’s, also Missouri Freeze, Hotlicks and others.

Tom McCollum played with The Uptown Country Boys, Southpaw and Country Dave, Borderline, Renegade and now Tatoosh from 1975 to date.

Dave Nichols is an import from Iowa and has been here playing for the last ten years, and currently with Tatoosh.

Tom McCollum, September 2010

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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Borderline, Missouri Freeze, The Freeze, Led Stetson , Hotlicks, The Uptown Country Boys, Renegade, Coin Operated, Southpaw & Country Dave, The Chaotic’s, Dead Ringer, Nyanza, Denny Mahn Band, Tim Hall Band, Peaceable Lane and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  12 August 2013
Credits: Tom McCollum, Dave Nichols
Band # 2743