Michael, Clark, Kevin, David & James
Seattle, Washington
1978 - 1986


James Baskett ~ Lead Vocals
Steve Berman ~ Keyboards
Kevin Cooper ~ Drums, Vocals
David Lishner ~ Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Lishner ~ Bass, Vocals
Ted McDowell ~ Drums, Vocals
Clark Nicholson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Michael Pattison ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff ? ~ Guitar, Vocals


Greg Long ~ Sound, Lights
Scott Hotess ~ Sound, Lights

Booking Agent:  Unicam

Taurus - Photo courtesy of Steve Berman

Clark Nicholson, Dave Lishner, Steve Berman
Kevin Cooper, Jim Baskett

Taurus was formed as a weekend dance band in 1978.  Taurus performed mostly top 40 dance music with some classic rock mixed in.   High schools, colleges, company parties, taverns, boats, clubs, were  typical gigs.  The band performed  all over Washington State.

Michael Pattison, April 2011

At the time I was in the band, the other players were:  Clark Nicholson (guitar), Dave Lishner (bass) Jim Baskett (lead vocals) and Kevin Cooper was on drums.

Steve Berman, March 2012

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Last Update:  6 March 2012
Credits::   Michael Pattison, Steve Berman
Band # 2847<>