Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1969


Neal Hovik ~ Drums, Vocals
Larry Prentice ~ Bass, Vocals
Chris Ronning ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ed Vance ~ Keyboards, Vocals

In Memory of

Larry Prentice
d:  February 2010

Taylor was the ultimate basement band, playing for parties and dances.  We used a 50-watt Bogan P.A, and then upgraded to a Vocalmaster before we broke up".

Chris Ronning, October 2002.

Taylor played at dances around Ballard and North Seattle. They broke up in June of 1969 when Chris and Neal got fishing jobs in Alaska"

Larry Prentice, October 2002.

Our name came from the title character in Planet of the Apes, which was our favorite movie at the time.

Chris Ronning, May 2008

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Last Update: 17 September 2010
Credits:  Chris Ronning, Larry Prentice, Ed Vance
Band # 372