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Steve, Bob, John, Dave and Sonny
Tacoma, Washington
1985 - 2004


Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards
Dave Barfield ~ Drums, Vocals
Bob Koch ~ Guitar
Steve Sarandos ~ Saxophone, Vocals
John Veal ~ Bass, Vocals
Chuck Williams ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Bob Koch  d:  May 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Deep Summer, Christian, Bill Pair IV, Market, The Regents, Ric Martino & Company, Johnny & The Marks, The GalaxiesRock Collection, The New Days End, The Statesmen, The Noblemen, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 1 June 2010
Credits: Sonny Schaaf, Dave Barfield
Band # 1253