Teez at Gasoline Alley
Teez at Gasoline Alley
Bremerton, Washington
1982 - 1983
2009 - Present


Chris Ballah ~ Drums
Yaacov Reuven aka: Jamie Johanson ~ Vocals
Roger Nick ~ Bass, Vocals
Zane Olesen ~ Guitar, Vocals

"Teez was a powerful, heavy metal guitar power trio with a front man, known for blazing guitar solos and thunderous rhythm section.  The band specialized in reproducing the sound of the power trio (Zeplin, Rush, Van Halen etc.).

Jamie went on to sing with other very popular Kitsap groups in the '80s and Zane is still gigging today with local groups in the Kitsap area.  In my opinion, Zane is hands down one of the screamin'est guitar players in the Pacific Northwest."

Roger Nick, September 2006

Update:  10/14/09  Teez, the premier rock band of the early 80's is back together again after 27 years.  All four original members, Yaacov Reuven, Zane Olesen, Chris Ballah and Roger Nick have reunited to bring the energy and enthusiasm of their particular brand of driving rock to the people.  The distinctive style, tightness and intensity of this unique grouping of players generates an unmistakable power-trio chemistry that is most impressive.  Teez is back! ..

Roger Nick, October 2009


 Art design by Yaacov Reuven, 3D rendered adaptation by Roger Nick
Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   Darone, Blue Sky, Theory, Dreamja Vu, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  10 July 2010
Credits:  Roger Nick
 Band # 2043