The Tempests
Boise, Idaho
1961 - 1962


Charlie Coe  ~ Guitar
Mike Fuehrer ~ Drums
 Bob McCarty ~ Saxophone
Dick Walker ~ Bass
Jim Wangen ~ Piano

The Tempests of Boise  formed in 1961.  This band is special to me because for most of us it was our first band, put together when we were in high school.   Members were Jim Wangen, Charlie Coe, Dick Walker (Charlie Coe and Dick Walker ultimately played with Revere for a time), Bob McCarty and myself.  Bob McCarty came to us from The Chessmen.   The band split in the fall of '62 when most of us went off to college.

Mike Fuehrer, June 2006

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Last Update:  27 June 2006
Credits: Mike Fuehrer
Band # 1981