The Tempos
Seattle, Washington
1958 - Present


Bill Bagnall ~ Trumpet
Ken Bloomquist ~ Drums
Curtis Broderson ~ Tenor Saxophone
Dennis Broderson ~ Bari Saxophone
Ron Dillon ~ Bass
Lloyd Feltz ~ Trombone
Henry Fichtner  ~ Piano
 Bob Gidney ~ Drums
Kelly Harkness ~ Saxophone
Vernon J. Harkness ~ Saxophone, Trombone
Gordy Holt ~ Cornet
Sharon Lacey ~ Vocals
Henry Lamkin ~ Guitar
Judy Logen ~ Trombone
Eric Lucas ~ Trumpet
Bob Ludwig ~ Trombone
Ron Nauman ~ Trombone
Wayne Pommer ~ Piano
Diane Sweeny ~ Vocals
Steve Uhrich ~ Tenor Saxophone
Alan Waldron ~ Alto Saxophone
Wayne Watling ~ Bass
Doug Wilbert ~ Trumpet
Dan Witmer ~ Alto Saxophone

In Memory of

Dr. Vernon J. Harkness

The Tempos: A Brief 52-Year Summary
The Tempos was the brainchild of Boeing engineer Henry Fichtner, who, with some co-workers and friends formed the group in 1958. A few months later the late Dr. Vernon J. Harkness, school principal, teamed up with Henry and the two co-led the band for many years. Henry played piano until 1976 while Vern played sax and trombone until 1980.

In the fall of 1963 it was decided to name the band and Wayne Watling, the bass player, suggested The Tempos for the nine-piece group.

Expansion began in ’69 when Vern’s son Kelly and Alan Waldron joined the sax section. In ’70 Lloyd Fetz (trombone) and Doug Wilbert (trumpet), both award winning musicians at Tyee High School along with teacher-trumpet man Gordy Holt joined to shore up the brass section.

When drummer Bob Gidney retired in ’72, the band landed Ken Bloomquist, a Kent-Meridian grad that had played with Capitol recording artists ‘The Serfs’ throughout the ‘60’s.

In the fall of 1974 The Tempos hired its first singer, Sharon Lacey, whose warm voice and outgoing personality gave the band a pleasant added dimension. Sharon entertained the audiences in front of her and endured the antics of the band behind her until 1997, more than 22 years.

Currently Diane Sweeney is singing with The Tempos and sharing her extraordinary talents with the musicians in the band.

In the year 2000, The Tempos continue to perform at a variety of dances and functions throughout Washington State, providing quality big band music without sacrificing the camaraderie and memories inaugurated by Henry Fichtner 42 years ago.

(CD Liner Notes by Alan Waldron)

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Last Update:  22 July 2010
Credits: Ken Bloomquist
Band # 2700