The Cube - Photo Courtesy of Denny Mellor
The Cube - Photo Courtesy of Denny Mellor
The Cube
AKA:  Those Who Love
Tacoma, Washington
1969 - 1970


Jon Garrison ~ Bass, Vocals
Mike Garrison ~ Guitar, Vocals
Denny Mellor ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Mickelsen ~ Drums, Vocals

The Band was originally "Those Who Love".  We played the UPS Fieldhouse, most of the high schools, Whidby Island, UPS frat parties (we can't print what went on that night..oy!) community centers.

The biggest thing was we entered a battle of the bands in 69 in Tacoma and won hands down, so we went up to the Seattle Colliseum representing all of the Tacoma area and Won it baby!  For a short time we were on top of the heap, and at 16 that's a cool thing.

Two of the guys in the band were on the yearbook commitee at Clover park and we took a massive promo shot that became the centerfold of the yearbook, two pages.

Denny Mellor, February 2010

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Credits: Denny Mellor
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