Thee Aladdins - Image courtesy of Ric Seaberg
Thee Aladdins
Portland, Oregon
1964 -1966


Dave Calkins ~ Rhythm Guitar
Mark Inglis ~ Keyboards
Harley James ~ Lead Guitar
Gerry Knudsen ~ Bass
Don Larkins (Danny Gossman) ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dave Calkins

First off, I was really shocked to see this on the web while searching for an old high school friends band and secondly the old band card that we had printed in 1965.   My name is Harley James.  I was the lead guitar player in the Aladdins, the bass player was Gerry Knudsen, the drummer was Don Larkins (aka Danny Gossman) and the rhythm guitarist was the late Dave Calkins.  I still play music in clubs on a regular basis.

Harley James, February 2007

Thee Aladdins and The Invaders were from Franklin High School in Portland. Thee Aladdins played during 64, 65 & 66

Harley James, February 2007

My name is Mark Inglis.  I was the keyboard player for Thee Aladdins in late 1964-1965 and early 1966.  I met the other band members at a music store on Foster Road (I think it was called Foster Music) in 1964.  Although I lived in the Franklin High School District (where the other band members went to school), I attended Benson High School and consequently was not very close to the other guys.  I also filled in a couple times for a friend from Benson High School by the name of Steve Joslin that played keyboards for Gentlemen Wild.

The highlight of my time with Thee Aladdins was a trip we took in the summer of 1965 to play at a dance /concert at the National Guard Armory in Ontario, OR.  To this day I wonder where all the kids came from to attend that dance (Ontario is a very small town on the Oregon/Idaho border). My recollection was that Paul Revere had played there the week before us. That was a tough act to follow.

Thanks for doing this website. A friend of mine referred me to it. It was fun to scroll through the old bands. I was really sorry to learn that one of our band members had passed away (Dave Calkins).  I lost a good friend who was a very good drummer from the Redcoats by the name of Pat Primiano several years back. That was another very good regional band.

Mark Inglis , April 2007

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Last Update:   4 April 2007
Credits: Ric Seaberg, Harley James, Mark Inglis
Band # 856