Chris, Mike, Dan and Aaron
The Edge
Seattle, Washington
1980 - 1986


Dan Barnard ~ Keyboards
Chris Borg ~ Bass
Steve Boyce ~ Bass
 Mike Cox  ~ Bass
Eric Erickson  ~ Bass
Aaron Gross ~ Drums, Vocals
Butch Gross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Gross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Berk McNamer ~ Bass
Jim Ohalerin ~ Keyboards
Mike Shytel  ~ Bass
Joe Sulivin ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Mike Cox (1947 -1995)

The Edge... a hard working Seattle based band from 1980 to 1986 that was on KZOK's Best of the Northwest album 1981 and went on to back Merrilee Rush on tour for her come back album. Then going on to play The Moore theater, The Showbox other major rooms in the Northwest, Showcasing originals for The Bite of Seattle and known by their fans as a great live band playing The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Dave Clark Five and more in their British invasion set. This band should be truly remembered as one of Seattle's Best.

Aaron Gross, December 2011

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Stillwater, Seven Grand, Captain Midnite, Bulldogs, Bulldog, Living End, City Zu, Sweetness and Light, The Living End, Merrilee Rush, Charlie and The Tunas, Fragile Lime, The Mike Cox Band, Bobby Robber & The Vandals, The Allies, Fancy Dan, Daybreak, Epicentre, Merrilee & The Turnabouts, Billy Mac & the Knifes, The Pendletons, Barney Armstrong's Machine  and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 29 December 2011
Credits:  Aaron Gross
Band # 2948