Photo Courtesy of Mike Poe
The Embers with 1965 Air Force World-wide Talent Contest Trophies (USAF Photo)
The Embers
Anchorage/Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
1964 - 1965


Jerry Brown ~ Drums
Slim Coghlan ~ Bass
Terry Johnson ~ Electric Piano
Rich Ligus ~ Tenor Saxophone
Mike Smith ~ Guitar

We were all from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska.  Together, we won the 1965 Air Force World-wide Talent Contest Instrumental category.

The rest of the group consisted of Slim Coghlan, Bass guitar, Jerry Brown, drums, and myself, Rich Ligus, on Tenor sax.  The song that we played for the contest was "Walk On The Wild Side" and were amazingly fortunate to have Elmer Bernstein as one of the judges.

Rich Ligus, April 2012

Sourdough Sentinel - 21 May 1965

The Embers - Recording at Capitol Records, Hollywood, 1965

Jerry, Slim and Rich have all located each other, and they are trying to find Terry Johnson.  Terry played electronic piano with them during the period  1964-1965.    He should be around 66 or 67 years of age and his family was from the Seattle area.  If you know someone who may know his whereabouts please have them contact the "Web Slave" using the below e-mail link or via PNW Bands on Facebook.

Sam Carlson, the "Web Slave" for, April 2012

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Credits:  Rich Ligus
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