Chris, Zane, Scott, Tim and Lito
Bremerton, Washington
1982 -1984


Chris Ballah ~ Drums, Vocals
Lito Bocanegra ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Glitch ~ Bass, Vocals
Scott Jones ~ Vocals
Zane Olesen ~ Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Theory was a hybrid group of musicians that came together after Valla Dia let the sunset.  Once we auditioned and found the right vocalist, it was time to get to work. Theory worked day and night to groom the song list which consisted of popular hard rock covers and original compositions.

It wasn't too long before agencies came sniffing around to see what all the hype was about. We decided on MUS-ART Corp to represent us, and they decided that the band needed to be playing the large clubs, and immediately put us on tour. The next two years were the very best of years. Big hair girls with tights, miniskirts and heels were not in short supply!

We lost track of Scott, but I am sure he is still out there singing his heart out.  All of the other members (Still close friends) are in current projects.

Lito Bocanegra, November 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Valla Dia, Teez, Fear of Sorrow,  and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  28 November 2009
Credits:  Lito Bocanegra
Band # 2590