The Ride
AKA: Firewall, AMU, Joyride
Everett, Washington
2004 - Present


 Jeff Hammond ~ Drums
Lee Palmore ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
  David Resch ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
D.J. Robison ~ Bass, Vocals


Tibi Botocan ~ Bass
Suzie Chrysler ~ Vocals
Dave Crosby ~ Keyboards
Michelle D’Amour ~ Lead Vocals
Caitlin Dittmer ~ Vocals
Ron Epstien ~ Guitar
Jim Haury ~ Guitar
Brad King ~ Lead Vocals
Nun Kirdnoom ~ Guitar
Heather Lascano ~ Vocals
Ralph Natale ~ Bass
Mark Reed ~ Bass
Sam Severn ~ Bass
Barb Witsch ~ Bass


Cherie Hammond ~ Photography

The Ride started back in 2004 with nothing more than an idea I had to record myself making music with my guitar and drums.  Actually my friend brought me some software called Cubase and showed me how it worked.  Being the software junkie that I am I was hooked.  So I started playing with it and decided that maybe it would be easier (and sound better) if I had someone else play most of the instruments.  That's when I discovered Craigslist and started looking for Musicians.

I found a keyboard player named Dave Crosby (no relation) and a guitar player named Nun. The next week I found a second guitar player, Ron Epstein, and our first vocalist Brad King (no relation to Elvis).  Within a few weeks we located our first bass player Sam Severn.  Right around this time we located our first female vocalist Michelle D’ Amour.

We worked with this lineup for about the first year or so adding new tunes and playing on weekends in my garage.  At one point we recorded some tunes and they didn't sound too bad. Then the storms started...

We went through bass players... here is a short list. Sam Severn, Barb Witcsh, Ralph Natale, Mark Reed.  We went through a couple of singers, again a short list:  Heather Lascano, Brad King and His wife, Caitlin Dittmer.

We had some guitar players leave as well... here is a list of them. Nun Kirdnoom, Ron Epstein.  Eventually we settled on the current lineup of a four piece like this. Lee Palmore Guitars and Vocals, D.J. Robison Bass, Jeff Hammond Drums and David Resch on Guitars.

When the shakeup ended we were presented with some great opportunities.  At that point we had a performance ready band with plenty of experience.  Oddly the only original member of the band is me, Jeff the Drummer...

Many of our band members have been musicians most of their lives and most have had CD’s and recordings done of their original materiel. Some of this original materiel is used in our Club performances.

Jeff Hammond, February 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members, crew, etc., of this group include:  Millionaire, Joyride, and many other NW bands

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Last Update:  6 April 2014
Credits: Jeff Hammond, Suzie Chrysler
Band # 2562