The Thin Red Line -1960's
Jim LeCluse, David Hoole, Dennis Peck, John Stefanuk, Byron Beauchene

Thin Red Line
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Seattle, Wasington
About 1966 ~ 1978


Byron Beauchene ~ Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Dave Birch ~ Bass
Robbie Day ~ Bass, Trumpet
Dick Dorwart ~ Saxophone
Dave Hoole ~ Guitar, Vocals
Robert Porcaro ~ Vocals
John Stefanuk ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lynn Stokes ~ Rhythm Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
Ken Yip ~ Drums

Later Members

Mike Allan ~ Bass
Orly Anderson ~ Bass
Eric Birkeland ~ Keyboards
Doug Booth ~ Drums
Joe Chemay ~ Bass
Michael Crouse ~ Bass
Oscar DeZoto ~ Drums
Jim L'Ecluse ~ Drums
Chris Leighton ~ Drums
Steve Nelsen ~ Drums
Steve Metcalf ~ Bass
Rick Osborne ~ Guitar
Dennis Peck ~ Guitar
Gary Ruhl ~ Bass
Tom Sparks ~ Guitar


John Austin ~ Sound
Doug Boad ~ Sound

I had been at the first practice as a guitar player but I opted out when Dick Dorwart departed..  I later joined on as a keyboard player about the same time the band's name was chosen.

This is the version that worked through agent Paul Handler in Spokane back in 1967.  We all quit our day jobs and gave it a whirl.  After a disastrous tour to Utah and following a cancelled tour with the Fireballs, I quit the band.  The booking agent had been black-balled by the union for not paying the Troggs for a tour and the Fireballs refused to play.  The tour was to start in Winnipeg and finish in the USA.  At least we got to party with the Fireballs in Winnipeg but they got paid to drive there from Clovis, New Mexico and we got to play Lethbridge on the way home for gas money.

I ran into the Thin Red Line again in 1976 at a little bar south of Seattle and there were no original members left.  Rick Berglund and Bob Vaquero were the only two Canadians still in this great band.

The later stage of the band was working out of either Seattle or Vancouver but that is long after my stint.

Paul Handler would bring The Thin Red Line down to Spokane from Cranbrook to play The Cool Blue Inn when the house band "The Rotations" had a weekend away.  I remember hearing them one night at the club and seeing these "2 x 4 Guitars" in bright colors all over the stage.  We partied with the boys that night and I can still remember two of the guys calling each other "cabbage farmer" and "cement head".

My current band is Canadian Crossfire

Byron Beauchene, April 2008

I won't mention the chick in Utah in the white mini and thigh high boots that disappeared under the stage with our singer and caused our sudden departure sans pay to Canada.  The sign out front said The Thin Red Line from New York City anyway. Good thing I had a credit card because the band was running on empty. We followed that up with the Fireballs tour that went in the tank and we got deeper into my credit card. After leaving the band I ended up taking a Gibson 330 to settle the account. That Gibson wound up being pawned by my daughter (who was just a baby on the Utah trip) for gambling money in Calgary, Alberta.  I had sanded the red finish off it and stained it an orange brown shade. I'd love to find it again some day. Best damned guitar I ever owned and I even wrote it up in my song "Hang On To Me"

Byron Beauchane, April 2008

I was on stage at the Ratskeller Inn, C'oeur D'Alene, Idaho,  with my British Columbia (Cranbrook, BC) band “The Thin Red Line” when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in July, 1969. One of those “where were you when…” moments you never forget.

We stayed in a cheap motel near the club.  One afternoon, we returned from breakfast to find our room overrun with cops, ambulance attendants and firemen.  It seems a maid, mistaking for a dead body the sleeping form of our horn player in a bathtub full of tepid water, had called the cops in a panic.  In those days, believe me, the last thing a “long-haired, hippy musician” wanted to see in his motel room was a bunch of crew-cut, curious cops.

David Hoole, Vancouver, BC, September 2011

I was the lead Singer in the band from 1969 through 1978 when we disband in Seattle, Washington.

When the band moved to Seattle in about 1972, we were one of the hottest tickets around Warehouse, Parker's (Aquarius),  Pipe Line,  Flight Line and it goes on and on.

Bruce Allen and I watched the band break up using so many different players, some 27, I think.  I lost count.  Birkland and I stayed till the end.

Would love to do a reunion .

I know the originals are all still playing.  I'm working in Seattle and still singing and writing as well as recording my own stuff ( 3 CD's ) and playing around with some great talent.

Anyone up for a Thin Red Line band with Porcaro, Peck, Anderson, Birkland and L'Ecluse?  Let's get the word out!  I could be a real blast.

Rob Porcaro, September 2011

In June 2013, we had a reunion visit and jam session of some of the original band in Cranbrook, B.C.

Those present were Dennis Peck, Lynn Stokes, Jim Lecluse, Dave Birch and Byron Beauchene. We're planning another session next year.

Byron Beauchane, June 2013

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