Thirsty Leaches - 1982
Thirsty Leaches
Bainbridge Island, Washington
1981 - Present


Peter Blossom "Pizza" ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Max Hawthorn "The Claw" ~ Vocals
Chris Mills "Crisp" ~ Guitar
Gary Moehring "Glare" ~ Bass, Vocals
Doug Owens "Sluggo" ~ Drums, Vocals


Bruce Coleman ~ Guitar
Gary King "Dairy Queen" ~ Bass
Steve Raible ~ Bass
Rob Usher ~ Vocals

Thirsty Leaches started on Bainbridge Island and played mostly the West Sound plus Seattle gigs and frat parties.

All original music was written by Blossom, Hawthorn and Owens

Doug Owens, July 2014

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members, crew, etc., of this group include:  Freddy Pink & The Hightops , Max & The 6-Pacs, and many other NW bands

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Last Update:   30 July 2014
Credits:  Doug "Sluggo" Owens
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