The Tidals at Satan's Cellar - Photo Courtesy of Larry Roberts.
The Tidals
Pocatello, Idaho
1964 - 1967


Steve Armstrong ~ Keyboards
Bill Blazek ~ Drums
Pete Espinoza ~ Guitar, Vocals
Roger Perotto ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry Roberts ~ Bass
Louie Stauffer ~ Bass

Spring 1964, three Idaho State University students combined their talents along with a former Idaho State graduate to form the Rock and Roll group "The Tidals".  Roger Perotto and Pete Espinoza had performed together in high school and Larry Roberts joined the duo following graduation and looking forward to college.  Bill Blazek and Larry had worked previously with another group and were well aware of the demand for live music in the area.

Bill knew of a "college watering hole" that was looking for a band and so the relationship began. SATANS CELLAR was the place to go on Friday and Saturday night.  Get there early, or plan on standing for the evening.  The good sounds never stopped.  With Roger and Pete singing harmony to a current Beatles song, and Larry and Bill providing a mean bass and drums, the dance floor was always full.

Keyboard player Steve Armstrong came along in the fall of 1964 and bass player Louie Stauffer took Larry's place in 1965 when he moved on to another group.

The group continued to play at SATANS CELLAR, the college, and other local clubs until late 1966 following graduation, when they moved on to persue other interests.

No recording was ever published and their music is only a memory to their many fans.

Larry Roberts, May 2005

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Credits: Larry Roberts
Band # 322