Tikis & The Fabulons - 1964 - Courtesy of Michael Roholt.  This picture was in the Oregonian article for the Teen Fair at Memorial Coliseum.
Standing left to right are the Tiki's: Terry McKinley, Mike Roholt, Jim Wilson on Drums, Dan Schilling on Keys, and John DuVal.
Kneeling are the Fabulons, Dale Coloma on the left, Ollie Smith on the right.
The Tikis & The Fabulons
Portland, Oregon
1961 ~ 1966


John Chassaing ~ Drums
Dale Caloma ~ Vocals
John DuVal ~ Guitar
Ron Ferrante ~ Guitar
Don Gallucci ~ Keyboards
John Goldman ~ Saxophone
Bill Higginbotham ~ Drums
Terry McKinley ~ Guitar
Dennis McKey ~ Bass
Theo Patterson ~ Vocals
Mike Roholt ~ Bass
Dan Shillings ~ Organ
Ollie Smith ~ Vocals
Jim Wilson ~ Drums
Gary Welk ~ Bass

In Memory of

Bill Higginbotham
Terry Lee McKinley  (22 Mar 1945 - 31 Dec 2010)
Ollie Smith  (8 May 1946 - 23 Nov 2011)

The Tikis on YouTube

Since You've Been Gone

Don't Ask Me

Oliver (Ollie) Elgie Smith Jr. was born May 8, 1946 to Oliver E Smith Sr. and Alise Smith he attended school at St Lawrence Elementary and Mt Angel Seminary and graduated from Lincoln High School, Ollie received his Political Science Degree from PSU,

Ollie was proceeded in death by his father Oliver E Smith and mother Alise Smith, his eldest son Oliver Smith III and grandson Andray Minnieweather. Ollie and Oretha were married Dec 26, 1997. Ollie leaves to mourn his passing Oretha Smith, Brother Calvin Smith of Seattle WA., daughter Alicia Jean Smith of Oakland, CA, son Casey Alan Smith of Beaverton, OR, granddaughter Ayanna Smith of Beaverton, OR. Ollie became POPS to Archie Jr., Jerry, Michael, Sherron, Russell, Audray, and Tracey Minnieweather. Ollie was POPS, and helped raise grandsons; Craig, Randy, and Shaun Lambert, adopted by Oretha prior to their marriage. Grand-children Terrell, Tykiya, Shakiya, Meyaka, Naelyn, Michael Jr., Madison, Russell Jr., Aderia, DaVante’ Minnieweather, Devin Cherry, and Najee Burkes. Nephews Calvin Jr., David, Stephan, Lucas, Phillip, and Tony Smith, Two great-grandsons Randy Jr. and Quincy Lambert.

Ollie leaves to mourn a host of family, friends and co-workers. A special thanks to the Spicers Paper Family and Teamsters Local 162 for all your support.

Ollie worked for KGW 1966-1972, John Deere 1972-1979, Western Electric 1979-1983, Aide to Mayor Bud Clark 1985-1989, Express-It Courier Service 1992-1997, Owner Gresham Courier 1997-2007, Spicers Paper (Driver) 2002-2011: Union Member Teamsters Local 162 and IBEW Local 48: Community Service, Head-Start Board Member, American Leadership Forum Class 6, Billy Webb Lodge #1050- member and exalted ruler, African American Men’s Club- member.

Services are Pending.

Arrangements under the direction of Caldwell's, Hennessey, Goetsch & McGee Funeral Home, Portland, OR.


22 Mar 1945 - 31 December 2010
Terry Lee McKinley 65, of Issaquah, Washington passed away peacefully on Friday, December 31, 2010.  Terry was born on March 22, 1945 in Portland, Oregon to Hazel N. McKinley and Emery E. (Dutch) McKinley, the youngest of 5 children.  After graduating from Cleveland High school he formed his band “The Tiki's and the Fabulons”; a 60’s rock band that played at many of the hot dance clubs in the Portland area and around the country.  They had thousands of followers and were thought to be one of the best bands of their time.  The band produced 7 records that are still played on Portland radio stations today.  Terry played lead guitar and sang back-up for the group but could play most instruments with ease and was aptly considered an esteemed musician.

During his time in music, he met his first bride, JoAnne and had two girls, Tammy and Toni.  At this time the war in Vietnam was at a critical point and the draft had begun.  To avoid being drafted and not getting a choice in the branch of government of which to serve, he quickly enlisted in the Marine Corps where he proudly served our country in the USMC in Vietnam and earned a Purple Heart after being wounded.  Time away and the stress of the war resulted in dissolution for the young couple but they remained friends.

After returning home, he met his second bride, Peggy and had a son, Michael.  They moved to Bellevue, Washington where he proudly worked in the field of advertising.  When in Bellevue, he coached football with the Jr. Bellevue Wolverines.  He was the defensive coach and even has a license plate for his car that says “D-COACH”.  To say he loved football would be an understatement.  But more than that, he loved working with the kids.  After losing his own father at the age of 12, Terry felt passionate about being the kind of father, friend and mentor that he enjoyed for such a short time and sorely missed.  After many wonderful years, Terry and Peggy agreed to part but remained friends throughout the remainder of his life.

After roughly 10 years of singlehood, he finally met the love of his life, Thu-Ha.  They wed under the Hawaiian sunset on Valentine’s day, 1998.  Thu Ha provided Terry with love and loyalty and two wonderful stepchildren, Vi (Mary) and Joe (Duy).  Terry and Thu Ha enjoyed a special bond, love of life, their two dogs, travel to her hometown of Vietnam where he was able to find peace after many years of conflict regarding the war.  A trip that Thu Ha encouraged and supported.  Terry finally took vacations, learned how to ski, went on several cruises and in essence, enjoyed his life.

To capture Terry in a nutshell is impossible.  He was full of life, a salesman to the core and made everyone laugh.  He had a very infectious personality and had his own language that his office dubbed “Terryisms”.  He could be funny and lighthearted but when it came to character, Terry was loyal, honorable, principled, and felt that your word should mean something.  He was a spiritual person and considered himself to be a Christian.  He loved playing Golf, especially with his brother Lloyd.  He was a “gamer” and loved his PS3.  He loved singing Karaoke and had just returned to playing the guitar after many years.

He is survived by his wife Thu-Ha McKinley; His children Tammy Weston, Toni McKinley-Camp, Micheal McKinley, and their spouses.  His step children Mary Vi Nguyen and Joseph Duy Nguyen and their significant other’s.  Grandchildren; Christopher, Kaiya, Jordaan, & Maile Weston. Two Sisters; Dolores (Sis) Thomas, and Bonnie Todd, a Brother Lloyd McKinley.  He was very close to his entire family to include his nieces & nephews, cousins, etc.

He lived his life to the fullest with the love of family and friends and laughter! He will be greatly missed.

He will be laid to rest on Thursday, January 6, 2011.

I started the Tikis in 1963-64. We later became the Tikis and Fabulons around 1965-66. I was very pleased to find out about this web page.  I was e-mailed by Mike Roholt who played bass for me in the Tikis. If you need any info please contact me.

Terry McKinley, 24 December 2001

The Tikis were offered a contract in the late fall of '64 by Jerry Dennon. Our First release was on his Panorama label later in '65 and did fairly well on the local charts. The songs were a remake of the Skip and Flip hit "Cherry Pie" backed by an original "Take a Look".  Take a Look was the "A" side but somehow Cherry Pie found it's way onto the Billboard charts about 5 years later.... or something like that.

In '66 we recorded again, this time in both Portland and Seattle and out our second single was leased out to Tower records in L.A. The song were "Since You've been Gone" which was a remake of a song by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders that we gave the complete Motown work over to. Recording of this tune took about 20 hours over a few nights 'cause we were experimenting with multiple overdubs which was still a novelty in Portland at that time. The other song was an original called "Don't Ask Me" written by our manager and producer Donny Anderson.  Also in the Motown vein, this song had massive overdubs and featured Jim Valley playing electric 12 string. Jim was in the studio that day waiting for the call from the Raiders for confirmation that he was to join the band.

Sadly, even though this was a great record and earned us respect from the Seattle bands, Tower deemed it to be too R&B for their label.

John DuVal, April 2002

I have stayed  in the music industry all my life.

I own Showcase Music & Sound in Portland for the last 33 years. Beside sales of Music gear and sound equipment, we own Showcase Music & Sound Rentals also, which provides music and sound equipment for both local and national acts.  The website is: www.showcasemusic.com.

I am also on Facebook under John Chassaing with over 500 musicians on it and growing.

Don Gallucci played with us for a very short time at the Chase in Portland after he left
the Kingsmen and before he went to Don & the Goodtimes.


John Chassaing
Formerly of the the Tikis and the Fabulons in the 60's


 The origins of the Tiki’s and Fabulons starts with Terry McKinley (Cleveland HS, 1963) who started a group in 1962-1963 with Terry playing lead guitar and singing the vocals, Mike Muessig playing drums, and Pete Garner on rhythm guitar.  The group played around town as “The Quarternotes” and Terry recalls that their first gig was for a Christmas dance for one of the local parish teen clubs. They made $6.00 and spent it on the way home at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.  Later they added a sax with Larry Tate.

By the fall of 1963 the call of local draft boards had claimed all but Terry, and now joining him was Ron Ferrante (Central Catholic, 1967) on lead guitar and John Chassing (Cleveland, 1966) on drums.  John had an unusual design on his bass drum and someone mentioned that it looked like a Tiki, and the name stuck.

 In the fall of 1963, Ron approached Mike Roholt (Central Catholic HS, 1965) to play bass with the TIKIs. Mike had been playing in a folk music trio, “ The Ridgerunners”,  with Phil Muthersbaugh  (Central Catholic HS, 1965) and Jim Nelson (Central Catholic HS, 1965) and since Mike played a four string tenor guitar (a la Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio) and a bass was a four string instrument it seemed like a match.   The TIKIs were now a 4-piece again.

A classmate of Mike’s at Central Catholic (Dan Daskalos) mentioned he knew a vocal group that were in need of a band.  The group was called “Theo and the Fabulons.”   This trio of Lincoln High School friends were Theo Patterson, Ollie Smith, and Dale Coloma.  The two groups got together for a rehearsal at Ron Ferrante’s  house in the late fall of 1963.  The sound was very promising with a blend of rock & roll and rhythm & blues.  The problem of too many singers was resolved with Theo leaving after that one rehearsal and Terry sharing vocals with Dale and Ollie.

It was agreed to keep both band names and the band was formed as “The TIKIs and FABULONs”.   The first gig by this new group was on the 1st or 2nd Friday in January of 1964 after a Central Catholic High School home basketball game.   This ‘Sock Hop’ was in the CCHS Rams gym and the band was a smash hit.

The band needed to make changes and in late 1963 Mike had met Jim Wilson (Parkrose, 1964) who was a very good drummer but not tied up with a band at the time and Jim replaced John Chassing.    Mike also had a friend from grade school at Saint Rita’s in Parkrose who played accordion, and he approached Dan Schilling and asked if he could play keyboard.  Mike remembers he and his father going to Dan’s house and talking to Dan’s mother, who was a single parent and not awfully keen on this rock and roll idea.  Dan got the OK, and started out playing with the band with a new Farfisa keyboard.

Ron Ferrante was replaced in the spring of 1964 with John Duval (Lake Oswego, 1964), who was brought to the group by Dale.  John went on to play with various northwest groups including “Red Bandana”.

By the summer of 1964 the players in the Tikis and Fabulons were pretty set, with the band playing most weekends and by fall of 1964 and all of 1965 they were booked every weekend.   When the Kingsmen went on tour to promote “Louie Louie” in the summer of 1964, they gave up their teen night club gig at ‘The Chase’ and the Tiki’s and Fabulons moved in.  The Chase was owned by a local dj at KISN named Ken Chase, and Ken had connections into the fledgling northwest recording industry.  He promoted the Tikis and Fabulons in the recording of “Take a Look” on the Panorama label.  The remake of the Skip and Flip hit on the “B” side, “Cherry Pie”,  found it’s way onto the Billboard charts about 5 years later.    The recording session was one Saturday in early 1965 in the Jerden (Jerry Dennon) Studio in Seattle.

Mike Roholt left the group for the University of Oregon in September 1965, taking Terry’s strat with him and leaving Terry with his bass as Terry became the band’s bassist.

Michael Roholt, January 2011

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Credits: Don Rogers, John DuVal, David Higginbotham, Gary Welk, John Chassaing, Rojer Blaine, Terry McKinley, Toni McKinley, Michael Roholt
Band # 116