Timber - Photo courtesy of Kris Larson
Seattle, Washington
1969 - 1971

Bob Coie ~ Bass, Vocals
Michael "Kep" Kepley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kristopher Larson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Wes Shreffler ~ Drums, Vocals


Rick Lewellen ~ Roadie

Timber - Photo courtesy of Kris Larson

Timber performed at a lot of concerts and quite often at The Walrus and several other clubs and  taverns.

We played all original music, some of which was recorded and produced by Ted Shreffler (Crome Syrcus) whom I am trying to locate.  Ted's brother, Wes, was our drummer. The bass player was Bob Coie, second guitarist was Michael "Kep" Kepley, and myself, Kristopher Larson on guitar. We all sang and wrote too. Our full time roadie was Rick Lewellen.

Timber was formed in the spring of 1969 in Seattle, with the intent of playing all original music. The five original members of the group, including Rick Lewellen, our full time roadie, friend, and advisor, remained the only personnel throughout the band’s history. Our sound was raw, loud (“dimed-out” as the expression goes) and well rehearsed.  We lived (with the exception of Wes) and rehearsed in a house on Capitol Hill in Seattle belonging to my former manager from West Coast Natural Gas, Matthew Katz.  It was almost a daily occurrence to be visited by the SPD to quiet down, which we did until they were out of hearing range.

We loved playing outdoors at concerts and gatherings all over the state and a bit in Oregon. We performed at several taverns, clubs and arenas, and the occasional outdoor festival.

Timber played together until mid 1971. At that time our bassist, Bob Coie, left to join “Cannonball” and the rest of us went our separate ways. Most of us have been in touch over the years, but never got back together to play.

It is the popular consensus among us that none of us ever worked as hard at anything musically, as we did in Timber and the reward was the music.

Kristopher Larson, February 2007

Timber - Photos courtesy of Kris Larson

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Last Update:  22 February 2007
Credits:  Kristopher Larson, Wes Shreffler, Michael "Kep" Kepley
Band # 2066