Tim Hall Band
Tacoma, Washington
1988 - Present


Pete "Diamond Dahl" Dahl ~ Bass, Vocals
Tim "Too Tall" Hall ~ Guitar, Congas, Vocals
Trevor Hall ~ Drums, Vocals
Greg Marshall ~ Bass, Vocals

The Harbor Horns

Sheryl Clark ~ Saxophone
Jeff Mason ~ Trombone, Harmonica
Steve Sarandos  ~ Saxophone


Freddy Allen ~ Drums
Bob Breault ~ Drums
Chris Cardinal ~ Bass, Vocals
Phillip Floyd ~ Bass, Vocals
Al Green ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Gregg Marinacci ~ Keyboards
Doug "Mad Dog" McKinnon ~ Drums, Vocals
Ronnie Wahl - Keyboards, Vocals

In Memory of

Bob Breault

The Tim Hall Band has split the bill with the likes of Jefferson Starship, Jimmy Thackery, Marva Wright, Pine Top Perkins, and Alice Stuart.

Tim Hall, December 2003

Tim Hall Band Website


After Hours - 1991
Ghost in the Closet - 1994
Running with the Blues - 1999

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Grizzly, Foghorn Leghorn, Nyanza, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 26 March 2018
Credits: Tim Hall
Band # 1351