Walter, Brad, Zane, Chris and Lito
Bremerton, Washington
1987 -1989


Chris Ballah ~ Drums, Vocals
Lito Bocanegra ~ Guitar, Vocals
Walter Groebler ~ Vocals
Brad Nielens ~ Bass, Vocals
Zane Olesen ~ Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

In Memory of

Walter Groebler

There is much to say about Titanic, but few words to relate how much I wish we could do just one more gig with the late Walter Groebler. Walter used his vocal talent just as if he were still in the Marine Corps, his body, mind and soul were out there every night rocking the stage as if it might be his last performance.  He brought strength to us all, even when the chips were down.
(You are greatly missed by all!)

Titanic polished their sound by much hard work, but it didn't hurt that all the members had a great deal of experience on stage, and some in theatre.

Brad brought a great bass talent and a bunch of fun to the table.  Zane brought his animal like guitar playing ability to shred his instrument like few have achieved.  Chris is a rare one indeed, most every drummer I've met wishes they could do what he does, and Lito brought the rhythm guitar to a whole new level, always pushing the envelope, when appropriate of course!

Keep an eye out when hitting your local entertainment establishment, you may come across one or two of us playing your area.

Lito Bocanegra, November 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  Valla Dia, Theory, Teez, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  29 November 2009
Credits:  Lito Bocanegra
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