West Seattle, Washington
Circa 1969


Bob Eveslage ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Trudy Eveslage ~ Flute, Vocals
Harlan Weniger ~ Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Susan Weniger ~ Vocals

In 1969  I was part of a West Seattle studio band called TODAY.  We had one release on Jerry Dennon's Burdette label that year called "We've Been A Bad, Bad Boy".  We had moderate national success with that record.

The band consisted of Bob Eveslage (guitar, bass, vocals), Harlan Weniger (guitar, drums, vocals) Trudy Eveslage (vocals, flute) and Susan Weniger (vocals).

Bob Eveslage also had a 1966 release on Jerry Dennon's Panorama label under the name Robbie Jay.

Today I live in southern Minnesota.  I am a founding member of the Unbelievable Uglies.

This was a very successful show band in the '60's.  Between my two stints in Seattle I was with this band for all but four of eleven years (I was living and playing in Seattle during these four years). The Unbelievable Uglies are being inducted into the Midwest Rock Hall of Fame at the Medina Ballroom in Minneapolis on May 22nd, 2004.  We have all found each other and are presently rehearsing.  We will be performing together for the first time in over 30 years!  We are planning a reunion tour for the summer of 2005.

I have fond memories of all the great music that came out of the Pacific Northwest and am proud to have been part of it...!!!

Bob Eveslage, May 2004

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Credits: Bob Eveslage
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