Today's Reaction
Boise , Idaho
1969 - 1970


Terry Arp ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Fuehrer ~ Drums
George Gress ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Smith ~ Keyboards, Trumpet, Flute, Vocals
Kris Toning ~ Vocals

Today's Reaction, out of Boise, was a very talented group but stuck with top 40 covers.   I joined when they were the house band at Joe's LB, then we became the house band at the Downtowner Motel lounge.   There were other members before and after me but the group at that time comprised:  Steve Smith, George Gress, Terry Arp, Mike Fuehrer and Kris Toning:  vocal.  Kris was one of the most talented individuals I ever worked with.  Years earlier I had backed her up a couple times at high school gigs when she was maybe 14 or 15.  She could easily have become a Charlotte Church or LeAnn Rimes.   But alas, she married the bass player, they moved to Alaska where he got a job teaching history.  That's the last I heard of them.

Mike Fuehrer, June 2006

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Last Update:  6 May 2011
Credits:  Mike Fuehrer
Band # 1995