The Toggeries
Bellingham, Washington
1961 ~ 1965


Patti Allen ~ Vocals
Frosty Billingsley ~ Guitar
Bill Boyd ~ Bass, Vocals
Judy Fjellman ~ Vocals
Ray Guyll ~ Saxophone
Jerry Hohl ~ Drums
Willis Jackson ~ Organ
Don Martinson ~ Organ
Terry Martens ~ Saxophone
Jeff McSorley ~ Keyboards
Bruce Reddick ~ Guitar, Vocals
Stan Reimer ~ Guitar, Vocals

This group was together from 1961 to 1965 and backed groups such as Buddy Knox and the Marvells during their heyday.

I'm Frosty Billingsley, a past member of The Toggeries in Bellingham from 1961-1965.

I was with The Toggeries from beginning to end; I wasn't just a member of the 1961-62 Toggeries.  One of the founding members of the band was Bruce Rettig. Ray Guyll played Saxophone with us in the later years.  To ensure that my memories are accurate, I have checked this out with Bill Boyd who was also a band member throughout the years

It is difficult to try to distinguish between the 1961-62 Toggeries and the 1963-64 Toggeries as there was really no single  point in time at which the band changed substantially.

I was recently told about the "Bands of the Great Pacific Northwest" site and had a look. Fantastic!  It's really great that you and the Regents are doing this.

Frosty Billingsley, January 2004

The 1961-62 "TOGGERIES" members were Bill Boyd, Jerry Hohl, Terry Martens, Frosty Billingsley, Willis Jackson, Don Martinson; Judy Fjellman, and Patti Allen.

The 1963-64 "TOGGERIES" members were Bill Boyd, Stan Reimer, Jerry Hohl, Terry Martens, and Jeff McSorley.

Jim Doidge-Jeff McSorley, June 2003

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Credits: Don Gardner, Jerry Hohl, Judy Fjellman, Jim Doidge, Jeff McSorley, Bill Boyd, Frosty Billingsly
Band # 0073