Toiling Midgets - Photo courtesy of Paul Hood
Toiling Midgets, Live in Berkeley - 1981
Toiling Midgets
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1983
1989 - 1997


Craig Gray ~ Guitar
Paul Hood ~ Guitar
Tom Mallon ~ Drums
Erich Werner ~ Bass, Vocals

Other Members

Lisa Davis ~ Bass
Joe Goldring ~ Bass
Aaron Gregory ~ Bass
Jonathan Henrickson ~ Bass
Mark Eitzel ~ Vocals
Tim Mooney ~ Drums
Mark Sullivan ~ Organ
Annie Unger ~ Guitar
Ricky Williams ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Ricky Williams

Toiling Midgets - Photo courtesy of Paul Hood
Paul Hood, Craig Gray - 1980

Toiling Midgets was voted # 66 "all time Bay Area band"  by readers of the San Francisco Chronicle

I joined the Midgets after moving to SF from Seattle in 1979, having played with the Meyce, and the Enemy and really being among the first "punk" groups to play in Seattle. The Meyce formed in late 1975, after Jim Basnight and I broke up our very first band. The EMP museum in Seattle has recognized our efforts with a display featuring photos and a written history of those early days. The Meyce, Telepaths (Erich Werner, their guitarist later joined the Midgets as Bass Player in 1992, shortly before Ricky Williams passed away) and Tupperwares (later the Screamers, in LA) played what is recognized as the first Punk show in Seattle, May 1st, 1976. Thanks for your love of rock music, and it's history.

Paul Hood, October 2002

The Toiling Midgets were part of the second wave of "Punk" groups from San Francisco, formed from Negative Trend, The Sleepers, and The Enemy. After an 1982 LP called "Sea of Unrest" with Ricky Williams, and cassette release (1983's 4-track Mind) plus NW tour, the band started recording it's next record for Rough US, when they broke up over lack of label support.

That album was released posthumously as "Deadbeats" on Thermidor Records.  Reforming almost 6 years later (the week of SF's killer 7.3 earthquake in 1989) the band began recording it's 3rd record, and added vocalist Mark Eitzel to it's heavy instrumental Sound. The record charted in the top 15 of the UK Independent charts, and the Midgets toured but without Eitzel.

The Midgets began rehearsing with Ricky Williams again before he passed away in 92. The next 5 years found a strong gigging instrumental unit, and they played all over California and the NW.  In early 97, Craig Gray went to England, and after one gig as a trio, the Midgets finally broke up in June of 1997.

Craig Gray and Paul Hood are currently recording new songs together, and Craig has done a soundtrack for the short film "HUMAN" (c2002).

Paul Hood, October 2002

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