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Eternal Sounds at the Tork Club - Photo Courtesy of Ron Reedy
Eternal Sounds at the Tork Club - Photo Courtesy of Ron Reedy
Tork Club
Beaverton, Oregon

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

13th Story
The Crown Jewels
Eternal Sounds
Gentlemen Wild
The Invaders
The Moguls
Little John and the Monks
Liverpool Five
Mr Lucky and the Gamblers
Morning Reign
Music Box
The Mystics
The Others
Otis Elevator
The Rebel Kind
The Southmen
The Telstars
The Tikis and the Fabulons
The Untouchables
The Wailers
Wheel of Fortune
Wild Elements

Others ?

The Torque Club was in Beaverton and as I remember it, was owned by Ross Hart, manager of the Gentlemen Wild.  Ross' junior high son, Bobby, wanted to be in a band.  So Ross put together the Gentlemen Wild with a wall of 100 watt Sunn amps (everybody had two 2-15" cabs!) and Bobby was the drummer.  He founded the Torque Club (I'm pretty sure) as a place for the band to play when they weren't booked elsewhere.  Hart Road, south of Beaverton near Cooper Mountain, is named after the Hart's who owned considerable property out that way.  Ross also was the promoter of "Battle of the Beat" (again, I think that was what it was called) a local TV battle of the bands show in about 1968.  My band was on the show and went as far as runner up.  It only aired one season.  It was a tough gig, because you only got one take and you couldn't hear the voices.  The microphones were wired straight into the recorder with no way for the singer to hear him/herself.  Oh, the current chief of police in Beaverton was a bouncer at the Torque Club in his younger days.

Jeff Davis, 13 April 2003

The Torque Club in Beaverton...I was in 7th grade then, but I remember hearing about the place, and seeing the Battle of the Beat TV show...  Morning Reign was also on that show. One of the better known Beaverton bands at that time was called "The Rebel Kind," later changed to "Otis Elevator."  I don't know if they played bars, but they definitely played at school dances.  Very likely they also played at The Torque Club.

I ended up playing in several Portland bands in the '80s and '90s. Cool site...I had wondered about the story behind some of the bands for years.

Roger Kasner, January 2004

Tork CLug - Poster courtesy of Rojer Blaine
Image courtesy of Rojer Blaine
The Tork Club of Beaverton, OR was located at Broadway and Watson in down town Beaverton. The last time I saw it, it was a furniture store. Run by Ross Hart, the Tork featured many popular local bands.  I remember in the beginning, you had to buy a "membership" for a dollar or something.

Rojer Blaine, January 2006

Poster courtesy of Rojer Blaine, January 2006

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