The Tornadoes - Photo courtesy of Duris Maxwell
Ken Ferrar, Ted Lewis (aka Duris Maxwell), Wayne Morris, and Norm Glass
The Tornadoes
Vancouver, British Columbia
1960 - 1961

Ken Ferrar ~ Guitar
Norm Glass ~ Guitar
Ted Lewis (Duris Maxwell) ~ Drums
Wayne Morris ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Norman B. Glass
d:  10 July 2011

This group 'The Tornadoes' was formed in high school (Lord Byng in Vancouver, Canada) in 1960. We played together for about a year.

I was really impressed when these guys asked me to join their band because they were all in senior high and I was just in junior high.  We played the usually community hall and school dances - but we never recorded anything. Wayne and I have remained great friends for all these years. We served together on the executive board of the Vancouver Musicians Association for a while. Wayne is still serving there.

We came up with our snazzy band name because we were such big fans of  'Johnny and the Hurricanes'.  We freely admit that coming up with 'The Tornadoes' was hardly a stroke of genius, but we were also really young.

We had lots of fun playing together and all our little friends thought that we were just unbelievably cool. It was a few short weeks after the earth cooled back then, so what do you expect?

Duris Maxwell, October 2006

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Last Update:  11 July 2011
Credits: Duris Maxwell, Janine Moore
Band # 2057