The Torquays
Nez Perce, Idaho
1964 - 1966


Lyla Anderson ~ Vocals
Jon Elvin ~  Keyboards, Vocals
Dina Huff ~ Vocals
John Richardson ~ Bass
Larry Riggers ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Stapleton ~ Guitar
Mark Torgerson ~ Drums, Vocals

These guys ruled this area in the early to mid sixties.

Dan Faller, March 2007

They've reunited at least twice to play Prairie Days in their home town of Nezperce.  They had a great sound when the three of them, Jon, Mark and Larry (my father-in-law) sang together, even just a few years ago

Besides the Torquays, there were two lovely ladies who sang backup, and were - as far as I know - always billed seperately as The Torquettes.  They were:  Lyla Anderson and Dina Huff.

Brent Barefield, July 2010

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