Total Eclipse
Portland, Oregon
1968 - 1972


Version I

John Hing ~ Guitar
Ken Lomax ~ Bass
Dave Storrs ~ Drums
Mike Strickland ~ Keyboards

Version II

Mike Cross ~ Guitar
John Hing ~ Guitar
Larry Pindar ~ Bass
Dave Storrs ~ Drums
Mike Strickland ~ Keyboards

Version III

John Benson ~ Saxophone
Pat Coffey ~ Drums
Mike Cross ~ Guitar, Bass
John Hing ~ Guitar
John Jenson ~ Trumpet
Dave Larson ~ Trombone
Larry Pindar ~ Bass, Guitar, Saxophone
Mike Strickland ~ Keyboards

Total Eclipse went through three distinct versions as listed above.

18 July 1967 - Image Courtesy of Steve Bradley

There was another band that came from the east coast - maybe Boston - called Natty Bumpo.  They had a female lead singer who went by "Sauna."  When they broke up, she sang / sat in a lot? - with Total Eclipse during phase 3.

Dick Winegar, April 2007

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Last Update:  13 May 2007
Credits:  Ken Lomax, John Duval, Steve Bradley, Rojer Blaine, Dick Winegar

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