Kitsap County, Washington
1974 - 1999


Jim Biedert ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Hendrickson ~ Drums, Vocals
Chris Pratt ~ Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Al Sprenger ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Jim Biedert

TOTEM lasted from 1974 to 1999 in Kitsap County.  The original line-up was Jim Biedert, Chris Pratt, Jeff Hendrickson, and Al Sprenger.  Totem lasted from 1974 - 1977.

TOTEM reunited and played steadily throughout the 80's, and sporadically to 1999, as a trio (minus Jim).  Mostly a cover band, all four did write originals that were performed publicly with the covers.  Known for lots of guitar duets (i.e. Allman Bros., Doobie Bros., etc.) and lots of vocal harmonies (3 Dog Night, Beach Boys, Beatles, etc.), TOTEM played in many battle-of-the-bands with other Kitsap bands like Clear Passage, Buckhorn, Last Exit, Sweet Meat, Gary Owens & 360 Degrees, etc. at Perl's (name later changed to Natasha's), as well as festivities/parties.

Al Sprenger, October 2002

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Last Update:  9 December 2012
Credits:  Al Sprenger, Greg and Dianne Stanovich
Band # 1027