Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Hippodrome - Photo Courtesy of Rod Mael
The Hippodrome
Touray Ballroom
Federal Way, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked Touray Ballroom during those great years of NW music were:
The Bards
Buffalo Clancy
City Zu
Crystal Ship
Bearded Clam
The Feelies
Front Page
Brian Hyland
Missing Linx
Penny Arcade
State Fair
White Heart

We used these at the Hippadrome (which was also known as Touray).  You will notice that Globe Ticket company in Tacoma misspelled Touray on the tickets.  What the heck we paid for several thousand of these and we were a low budget operation, so we used them anyway.

Rod  Mael, April 2005

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Penny Arcade and Bearded Clam at the Touray - 1968

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Last Update:  8 April 2013
Credits: Rod Mael, Ron Adee, Jim Sola