Wayne Simon and The Traffic Jammers
Tacoma, Washington
About 1958 - 1979


Gary Aleshire ~ Trombone
Billy Hobart ~ Trumpet
Steve Langdon ~ Keyboards
Robert McNamara ~ Bass
Nancy Simon ~ Vocals
Wayne Simon ~ Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocals
Danny Wuhl ~ Drums, Vocals

In Memory of

Gary Aleshire

Wayne Simon, who formed a jazz band in the late fifties called Wayne Simon & The Traffic Jammers. He was a very popular artist in the Northwest.

Wayne played at different times with Louis Armstrong, Al Hirt & a Louis Armstrong  sound alike, Jonah Jones. Wayne & his band played from the late fifties through the seventies until his death at the young age of 48 in 1980.

Wayne lived the greater part of his life in Tacoma and played 8 different horns, including Trumpet, his main instrument of play.  He designed the trumpet you see in the photo on this page.  Wayne’s wife Nancy also sang with the band.

A lot of big name jazz artists tried at different times to get him to record with them.  I asked Wayne once why he didn't accept the offers and he told me that he didn't want the traveling part of it, because he would be away from his family too much and that he was perfectly happy just playing around the Northwest.

J.M. Cruiz, December 2007

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