Photo Courtesy of Dennis Maloy
Jimmy Winkler and Translove Airlines
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1971


Gary Ewert ~ Bass
Robin Feetham ~ Bass, Vocals
Jeff Helm ~ Drums, Vocals
Bil Hemsher ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jimmy Winkler ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Jimmy Winkler

Jimmy Winkler playing solo at the University of Washington - about 1969
Photo Courtesy of Steve Hudziak

Jimmy Winkler - Lake Washington - 1968 or 1969 - Photo by and Courtesy of Steve Tuba
Jimmy Winkler - Lake Washington - 1968 or 1969 - Photo by and Courtesy of Steve Tuba

Jimmy Winkler was best known as being the perennial warm-up act for Boyd Grafmyre's productions at the Eagles Auditorium in downtown Seattle during the late 60's.  While Jimmy started out doing just a solo act, he subsequently put together his own backup band and dubbed them the "Translove Airlines" and continued to do work for Grafmyre.  Probably the pinnacle of Jimmy Winkler and the Translove Airlines history came on May 11th, 1969 when the band opened up for Three Dog Night, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin at the Green Lake Aqua Theater.  At the end of the our opening set, Jimmy, who was well known at that time for his stage antics, jumped into the water in front of the stage and did a little water ballet for the crowd, which of course was well taken and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Jimmy and the band continued to play mainly rock festivals such as The Satsop Rock Festival, The Aldergrove Rock Festival (Canada),  The Duval Rock Festival and others until rock festivals were essentially outlawed.

Robin Feetham, November 2002

I remember him (Jimmy Winkler) fondly -- and I saw him do the swim in Lake Washington.  What he may have been best known for was "Tick, Tick, Tick, Tck, Dingaling, Crunch, Gurgle."

Sandy Beall, July 2007

TransLove Air Line - Photo by and courtesy of Rich Reitz
Back in 1968-69 - The Jefferson Airplane flew into Morristown Airport in NJ to do concerts here and in NYC.  I took photos of their plane, an old vintage DC-3 painted red and white with "Trans Love Air Line" spelled out on both sides of the fuselage.
Rich Reitz, July 2007.

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Credits: Robin Feetham, Steve Hudziak, Steve Tuba, Larry Helm, Dennis Maloy, Sandy Beall, Rich Reitz, Bil Hemsher
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