Ed Littleton, Jim Littleton, Dick Baker & Larry Wilson
The Trebletones about 1962 - 1963

Spokane, Washington
1961 - 1966


Dave Bailey ~ Saxophone
Dick Baker ~ Drums
Dave Barnett ~ Rhythm Guitar
Robin Knoke ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jerry Lewis ~ Lead Guitar
Ed Littleton ~ Lead Guitar
Jim Littleton ~ Bass
Kenny Martello ~ Bass
Larry Wilson ~ Guitar, Vocals

Ollie Shell ~ Manager

Recorded:  ‘Little Laurie’ and 'Guitar Movement'  November 1962

Photo Courtesy of Robin Knoke
Robin, Jim, Dick

We were organized by Dick Baker after his previous band, the Blue Jeans broke up in 1961 or so. Our manager was Ollie Shell of radio station KNEW. We released a single; ‘Little Laurie’, and it's flip, ‘Guitar Movement’. The instrumental, Guitar movement, actually went on to have more response, although the song ‘Little Laurie’ was to be the A side. That song was actually done in studio by the Blue Jeans.

After I joined the Army in 1964, and both Ed and Jim left for other reasons, Dick continued with other musicians as the Trebletones for some years, I understand.

The Blue Jean’s songs ‘Little Laurie’ and ‘Guitar Movement’...  We used to sell the record at the dances we did.  We also put up posters on telephone poles, playing Wallace to Grand Coulee Dam.  We did go on tour to the Seattle area once.  Those were great days,

It's amazing that a couple of years then were so meaningful, and by now a couple of years is a blink of an eye.

I also haven't kept up at all with any of the members including Dick.  I only ran across entries regarding the Trebletones recently while surfing the web.

Jim Littleton bought a club in Spokane and his brother Ed became a pharmacist. Jim was bass, Ed was lead. Of course Dick was drums.

 I live near Adelaide, Australia now.  It is good to hear from the past.

 Larry Wilson, December 2009

Photo Courtesy of Robin Knoke
Robin, Ed, Jim, Larry, Dick

I joined as the Sax player after I graduated from Gonzaga Prep in 1964 and played with the group till I went into the Air Force in March of 1966.  We played about a 200 mile radius of Spokane but not much in Spokane itself.  There wasn't as much money in Spokane as there was in the outlying areas.  Dick was on drums, I was on sax, Kenny Martello was on Bass, Dave Barnett was on rhythm and Jerry Lewis played lead.  Garry and Dave have since gone on to the big band in the sky.  I have not been in touch with Dick. Ken has been a friend since the good old days and has done my phone work over the years.  I even have two of the old posters that we used to put up on the telephone poles in the towns that we would be playing in.

Dave Bailey, Otis Orchards, December 2009

I am Robin Knoke, known as "Little Robin" in those days. I used to play organ or piano with both the Zephyrs and the Trebletones.  I also sang, emulating Rockin' Robin Roberts, Kent Morrill and others... Dirty Robber, Geneieve and Rosilie were some of my favorites.  I also did a good job playing Floyd Cramer when a piano was available.

We traveled around in my '48 Packard hearse.

We did a lot of gigs at Idaho State Line Gardens and Silver Spur. At Silver Spur I often dressed in drag for a falsetto version of "Fever"  - Fun times...

It's been 50 years but I was able to locate Jim Littleton, Dick Baker, and Paul Markham just last month.  Crap! We're all in our 70's!
They're still hanging around Spokane Valley. Dick Baker was Best Man at my wedding.

After getting married, I formed a band in Pasco called "The Night Sounds" - but that's another story.

I live in White Salmon, Washington now, have a baby grand but don't play much anymore.

Robin Knoke, April 2013

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Credits:  Larry Wilson, Dave Bailey, Robin Knoke
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