The Tremblers
Seattle, Washington
1958 - 1960


Gary Carter ~ Rhythm Guitar
Dick Earl ~ Lead Guitar
Scott Morris ~ Drums

Dick Earle was lead guitar of the Tremblers.  I was rhythm guitar.  Scott was on drums.  We did mostly Duane Eddy type stuff, and all was instrumental. We couldn't sing, and in 58-60 that was not that important.

Gary Carter, July 2009

The Tremblers were a three-piece band with Dick Earle on lead, myself on rhythem guitar, and Scott Morris on drums. We had no Bass.  IIf we had a bass we coulda been contenders.

When Scott and I were sweet-talked away by the El Caminos from The Tremblers, this left a very sad Dick Earle with no bandmates ( I still feel guilty about that).

We all (the Tremblers) attended West Seattle Hi., and practiced a few blocks from there at Scott's house. In spite of our low power, miniscule amps, we apparently were loud enough to bother a lady living a block away, whose husband was the owner of the Admiral Theater in West Seattle. He offered to let us practice on the theater stage before movie times on Sat and Sun. We tried it once, but it was not worth the hassle of lugging our equip there, even if our equipment wasn't that much.  If I remember correctly, we tried practicing at my house down on Alki also.

Gary Carter, December 2010

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Last Update:  30 December 2010
Credits:  Gary Carter
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