Tom, Rocky, Richard, Robert, Doug
The Trespassers
Kelso, Washington
1959 - 1965


Robert Ellis ~ Bass
Richard Meredith ~ Guitar
Doug Parker ~ Drums
Rocky Tidd ~ Guitar
Tom Williams ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Tom Williams

 In 1963 my Band, The Trespassers, went to an audition at the Portland Armory amongst 250 bands, I think over a couple of days.  We won a spot to play at the opening of the Pacific Coliseum and were the first band to play at the opening.  Along with us were The Fury's, I believe the Dynamics and the main billing, the Beach Boys.  It was in front of 10k kids and was a great experience.

The Trespassers also opened up for the Wailers, The Ventures, Paul Rever & The Raiders, and in winning a battle of the band contest at the popular Captain Yoby's, Drive Inn Restaurant in West Kelso, Washington in the mid 60's opened up for Johnny River at the opening of the Longview, Washington Mall.

We played as far as Portland, Oregon and Centralia, Washington and out to Long Beach, Washington and everywhere in between.  The Trespassers began the band late 1959 and played as a group until 1965.

Richard Meredith, September 2015

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Credits: Alden Bebe, Richard Meredith
Band # 3128