Trixx - Photo courtesy of Carson Randolph
Dave, Cheryl, Dug, Mary, Ed, Carson
Tacoma, Washington
1977 - 1979


Dug Badilla ~ Drums
Cheryl Bray ~ Vocals
Dave Bray ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ed Bray ~ Bass, Vocals
Carson Randolph ~ Guitar, Vocals

Other Players

Wendal Anderson ~ Drums


Mary Randolph ~ Lighting

The above picture is only one of very few that survived over the years of this band.  We were playing at the Lost Night Club in Tacoma, long since demolished and replace with Foxes Topless bar.   It was a great gig.

The picture was true except for the college audience, which includes most of the band in different settings, but we did have a pretty packed house that night.

Trixx played Tacoma clubs, weddings, special events, and we played a lot in Auburn.  We lasted about a year and a half doing Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, Bonnie Rait and and general rock covers.

Auburn had a bar/resturaunt called the Hung Wan. We played there while the bar went through a couple of name changes.  It ended up being called the Manderin Lounge.  We had a renegade indian shooting his pistol in the back room somewhat at Ed the bass player for no good reason.  Ed never did like the place after that. They liked us there and always asked us back. I, later in a band called The Automatics, used it for paid rehersals.  Over the years I played there with a few others also. The Lane Brothers, Shadowfox to name a couple.  I don't know what its called now, but it has some good memories and we sounded good.

Carson Randolph, Pleasant Heads, June 2007.

Carson and Dave

Trixx - Photo courtesy of Carson Randolph
Ed, Cheryl, and Dave

Carson, Ed, Dug

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Last Update:  6 June 2007
Credits:  Carson Randolph
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