Northwest Music & Dance Venues

The Tropics Ballroom
Olympia/Shelton, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

"Fat" Davis Band
Gretchen Christopher
Oakie Armstrong
Smiling Castle
Tex Mitchell
U.E. Chamberlain Carboys

Others ?

The Tropics was built in 1927 and opened in 1928.  It was originally leased to Schneider's Prairie Dance-a-Thon, Inc., for marathon dances.  Several Old time Bands played here (mainly western), as well as Singers from that era.

Cliff & Ruth Nichols bought it in 1969 when they started having auctions.

We bought it in 1983 from Teresa's Folk's (Nichols).  It was used for antique store.  We tried to get funding for restoration but no luck.  The Nisqually earthquake took it to its fate... broke all the trusses inside.  Demolition has been ongoing.

We did save a few items.  We had them stored in the garage on the same property which burned just this past week. (6/26/08)   All saved items went up in flames.

Don & Teresa Wolph, July 2008

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Last Update:  2 March 2017
Credits:  Don & Teresa Wolph, Brad Hoglan, Sam Carlson