Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Photo courtesy of Paul Jones
Troutlake Tavern
Troutlake, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Burnside Bombers
Paul deLay Band
Seafood Mama
The Street Corner Band
Hank Rasco

Others  ?

I remember dancing to Seafood  Mama at the Troutlake Tavern in Troutlake, Washington.  It was a hippie haven where the longhairs drank alongside the loggers.  Wonderful memories.

Jean Kindle, September 2011

Lot’s of Portland Bands ventured up to this place just North of Hood River into Washington.

It still packs out to Live Music.  It has rooms you can stay in if you don’t want to drive home and great Breakfasts the next morning.

AND... it’s For Sale  !!!

Paul Jones, December 2013

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Last Update:  20 December 2014
Credits:  Jean Kindle, Paul Jones, Bob Carlson