Tunnage - Vancouver, BC - Photo Courtesy of James Anstey
Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 - 1975


Kenneth Fauteux ~ Drums, Vocals
Ralph Greenlay ~ Bass, Vocals
James LeClair ~ Guitar, Vocals

Tunnage was active in the Vancouver Area between 1974 and 1975. Managed by Stan Cayer, The 3 man Band Comprised of: James LeClair, Ralph Greenlay, and Kenneth Fauteux. The Band was Contracted by SGM Records & booking agency for a 3 month period, between October 1974 and Jan 1975. There are no known recordings in existance of the group.

James Anstey, September 2004

Hi, my name is Jim LeClair and it totally blew me away to see my old band, Tunnage, on your website. I have no idea where the other two guys are, now, I've been living (and still playing) in Quesnel, B.C. for the past 23 years. It really made my day to see that old picture on the website. Thank-you, from an old rock'n roller.

Jim LeClair, April 2005

Tunnage - Photo courtesy of Jim LeClair

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 Last Update:  8 November 2008
Credits: James Anstey, Jim LeClair

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