TuTu Band
Portland, Oregon
1970 - ?


Jim Baldwin ~
Jimmy Banko ~
Charlie Brown ~
Mike Cascadden ~
Mark Custforth ~
Wade Evans ~
Keith Hatfield ~
Bruce McKay
Greg McMickle ~
Robert Perkins ~
Alan Philips ~
Tom Shrader ~ Drums

The TuTu Band started in 1970 and we are enjoying our 40th year with lots of "birthday shows".

Original members still with us (in all senses) include Bruce McKay, Robert Perkins, Keith Hatfield, Alan Philips, Mike Cascadden, Mark Cutsforth, Jimmy Banko, and Charlie Brown.

Tom Shrader, April 2010

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Last Update: 23 April 2010
Credits: Dale Turnbull, Greg McMickle, Tom Shrader
Band # 1886