Surt Trio - Photo courtesy of Ron Kleim
The Twilighters
Eugene, Oregon
1961 - 1965


 Dave Carlson ~ Tenor Saxophone
Pat Estigoy ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Estigoy ~ Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Gene Greenwood ~ Bass, Vocals
Denny Johnson ~ Drums
Daune Markee ~ Tenor, Alto, Bass Saxophones
Paul Semones ~ Organ

Pat Mason ~ Booking Agent

In Memory of

Pat Estigoy
D:  May 2007

We backed a number of acts: The Coasters, Drifters, Dick & Dee Dee, Bobby Vinton, Buddy Knoxx, etc, all stars of the times.   I'm still playing and play guitar, bass, keyboards, and sing vocals

John Estigoy, October 2008

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Last Update:  2 November 2008
Credits:   John Estigoy
 Band # 2479