Dave, Phil, Marc, Gregg
The Tyhmes
Mercer Island, Washington
1965 ~ 1966


Dave Baroh ~ Guitar
Phil Klitgaard ~ Drums
Marc Connelly ~ Bass
Greg Bigsby ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Dave Baroh

"This is a group I was in when I was in high school.  All of us attended Mercer Island H.S. The band was called "The Tyhmes".  We were together from early 1965 to late 1966. We played mostly dances around the Seattle area and a lot of frat parties at the University of Washington.  Left to right in the photo are David Baroh (guitar & lead vocals), Phil Klitgaard (drums), Marc Connelly (bass guitar), and Greg Bigsby, lead guitar & vocals.  Phil was later our drummer in Bluebird.  Marc is currently a guitar builder in Olympia.  Greg joined us just after leaving The Bandits."

Dave Baroh, 1 November 2000.

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Last Update:  22 January 2011
Credits: Dave Baroh, Kim Marin, Greg Bigsby
Band # 482