Type A - Photo 'borrowed from the Type A website
Type A!
Seattle, Washington
2003 - ?


Janet Adams ~ Vocals
Mark Adams ~ Guitar
Scotty Adams ~  Tenor Saxophone
Cynthia Boggs ~ Vocals
Andy Bryant ~ Guitar, Leader
Julie Hill ~ Vocals
Marlon Jordan ~
Kurt Kolstad ~ Drums
Dan Marcus ~ Trombone, EVI, Bells
John Sakura ~ Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jimmy "JT" Thomas ~ Bass
Mark Zyler ~


Liz Aday ~ Lead Vocals
Randy Lintott ~ Trumpet
Albritton McClain ~ Lead Vocal
Norm Peterson ~ Keyboards
John Raymond ~ Lead Guitar
Matt Shaw ~ Trombone
Sidney Wayne ~ Lead Vocals
Fritz Whitney ~ Baritone & Alto Saxophone, Flute
Keely Whitney ~ Lead Vocals

In Memory of

Randy Lintott

Type A! - Photo Courtesy of Fritz Whitney

Type A! - Photo Courtesy of Fritz Whitney

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Remnants, 8 Feet Standing, Alive and Well, Mineral Water, Parable, Players Club, Danny Ward & Reality, The Reputations, New Blues Brothers Revue, Blue Sky, Jimmy Wright Band, Lee Malone, Pegasus, Quitters, Seattle Star, Tour de Force, Tamaraw, and many other NW bands.
Type A! - Photo Courtesy of Fritz Whitney

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Last Update:  18 August 2015
Credits: Kurt Kolstad, Liz Aday, Fritz Whitney Jay Laush, Maia Santell

Band # 1379