Typical Small Town Band - Photo Courtesy of Bruce Howie
Typical Small Town Band
Richmond, British Columbia
1969 - 1972


Levern Delves ~ Bass
Brian Howie ~ Guitar
Bruce Howie ~ Guitar
Peter Jensen ~ Drums
Waverly Stevenson ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Brian Howie

The Typical Small Town Band was probably the most satisfying and rewarding group the Howie brothers formed.  Not only was original material being written by the brothers but their songs were being recorded as demo material and the pursuit of a recording career was finally being realized. The original songs were unique for this time period in that they had a country/ folk/ pop feel and the lyrics told a story.  Acoustic guitars were used to soften the sound although drums and electric bass were still evident.

Live performances and show case performances on CBC radio and TV took place.  Recording contracts were offered from interested parties through a major publishing house ‘TRO’ in New York .  Trips to New York and LA were offered to the group to place the group with a major record producer hopefully leading to a major record deal. Interest from Canadian record companies and producers began to materialize.  Canadian artists such as the Mercey Brothers and Doug Hutton, a CTV producer/ performer from Alberta, offered publishing deals for songs written by the boys.

A major career disappointment and a CBC technicians strike which caused cancellation of a CBC TV show in Toronto featuring the group resulted in low moral with some of the members ultimately ending the group in 1972.

Bruce Howie, October 2002

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Typical Small Town Band - Courtesy of Bruce Howie
Bruce Howie, LeVern Delves, Waverly Steveson, Peter Jensen and Brian Howie

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Credits: Bruce Howie

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