The Ultimates
(AKA Prince Charles & The Crusaders / Dart)
Boise, Idaho & Salem, Oregon
1963 ~ 1968


Allen Crawford ~ Guitar, Bass
Gary Nieland ~ Drums
Leon Sanders ~ Guitar
Gary Sullivan ~ Keyboards, Vocals

My name is Gary Sullivan, keyboards and vocalist for Prince Charles and the Crusaders, the Dart and The Ultimates.  I am now living in Oklahoma and was very surprised and elated to see information about these groups on the net.  I am still doing some writing and recording.

Gary Sullivan, April 2004

This is Gary Nieland-drummer and vocalist for The Ultimates.  The Ultimates are still making music in 2005, currently as a duo playing fraternal organizations, private parties and whatever up and down the Willamette Valley here in Oregon.  We did form the group in Boise, Idaho in 1963 after I got off the road with "The Tequila Champs" and it is still as much fun as ever.

Gary Nieland,  October 2005

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Last Update:  2 January 2006
Credits: Don Rogers, Gary Sullivan, Gary Nieland
Band # 0039<>